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Digital Signage Should Be Easy

Whether you have 1 location or 1000, Five-motion is an easy and affordable path to vivid, engaging digital branding and communication.

Self-serve Signage

If you know how to use PowerPoint and a web browser, are basically halfway through the Five-motion user manual.

Music & Messaging

No canned music service knows your customers the way you do. Take control as easily as making a playlist for a family road trip.

Intuitive control

Web based tools designed to work like your favorite online calendar leave you free to concentrate on your message.

How are our customers using Five-motion?

Artwork brings an air of class and sophistication to your business setting, but it represents a moment frozen in time that just might not be right for every part of your business day. Five-motion can bring your artwork completely under your control.

Recommended for: Fine Dining, Hotel / Hospitality, Banks

With a business operating on the cutting edge of customers' tastes, keeping the menu up to date can be the liability of an outdated sheet of paper on a countertop or the opportunity of a vivid, fluid video presentation that is 100% controlled by you.

Recommended for: Health and Beauty Spas, Fitness Centers, Hotel / Hospitality

The screens in your office are an opportunity to reach out to your patients. Show them the benefits of proper dental hygiene or proper diet and exercise with full motion video while they wait in your waiting room. Highlight the benefits of an elective service they might not have considered. Walk them through the steps of specific procedures with custom video presentations in your office.
Recommended for: Dental and Medical facilities, Automobile Sales and Services

Whether your pricing changes with the seasons or your entire product line evolves over time with the shifting tastes of your customers, a sandwich board full of plastic letters cannot hope to keep up with all your business has to offer as well as a digitally controlled Five-motion menu.

Recommended for: Restaurants and Food Service, Pubs and Nightclubs

The larger and more successful your enterprise becomes, the more challenging it can be to keep your entire corporate community in the loop and on the same page. But every cafeteria, breakroom, elevator and hallway provides a venue for you to get them back in the loop.

Recommended for: Corporate headquarters, Company Cafeterias, Colleges and Education

You've thought of every aspect of your brand and message from the color of your logo to the dress code of your employees. If your price list is just a photocopy on the wall, it is not really under the same level of control, but it can be.

Recommended for: Automobile Services, Retail Sales and Services

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What Happened to Harmony by ReQuest?


When ReQuest created Harmony, we envisioned it as just another product line in the ReQuest family geared toward the specific needs of our growing commercial music client base. Over time, we have come to realize that this division has potential beyond just being "ReQuest for Restaurants" and deserves an idenity all its own.

Why Five Motion?

Partly because we thought it sounded cool. Mostly because (spoiler alert!) we will be unveiling new horizons in digital signage over the coming months. Interactivity, metrics, and more... Customers and clients engaging with your presentations with the traditional five motions: up, down, left, right, select. Stay tuned!

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